Decorative 3D linear wood panels

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Linear, vertical or lamella acoustic diffuser – entirely made of wood (oak, walnut, beech, cherry or pine)



  1.  A decorative linear wood panel also used as a linear, vertical or lamella acoustic diffuser is entirely made of wood (can be oak, walnut, beech, cherry, pine)
  2. The base of the diffuser is a panel made of laminated chipboard or can be spray finish moisture MDF, on which a diffuser in the form of wooden slats is mounted.
  3. Screws for mounting the slats are included in the set
  4. When ordering, please specify which panel type you will need

Dimensions of a single module:
height: 250 cm
width: 70 cm
thickness: 58 mm


If you would like your diffuser to be painted, varnished or stained contact us to agree on the colors of the wood panel.


Additional information

Wood Panel Type

Laminated MDF linear slats, Solid wood linear slats finish with clear lacquer


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